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Shosekika Project students donated to the Osaka University Foundation for the Future


On Monday, September 29, students who had been involved in the Shosekika Project and who had succeeded in planning and publishing the book How to Eat a Doughnut Without Eating the Hole, Cross-Border Scholarship -- University Lectures Peeking through the Hole (Osaka University Press), visited President Toshio HIRANO and donated royalties from the book totaling ¥500,000 to the Osaka University Foundation for the Future.
The Shosekika project started from lectures entitled "Publishing a Book." Following the lectures, some students continued to work on planning, publishing, sales, and promotion of the book, a unique project in Japan. Some 16,000 copies have been sold in the 6 months following its release and becoming a bestseller, an unusually big hit for Osaka University Press.
Some students in the project said, "Students outside of science and liberal arts discussed it until late night after night, deepening their friendship. The project was not just a book publish project; it strongly affected our education.
The book is available at the Osaka University Press website.

Shosekika Project

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