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AEARU Student Summer Camp 2014 held


Osaka University is a member of the Association of East Asia Research Universities (AEARU) and this year, from the 19th to the 26th of August, Osaka University served as the host university for the AEARU Student Summer Camp 2014. Among AEARU-affiliated universities, students participating in the Summer Camp were: from 5 universities in China, 12 students; from 2 Taiwanese universities, 6 students; from 2 universities in South Korea, 4 students; and from 3 of the 6 affiliated universities in Japan, 6 students, making a total of 28 students gathered at Osaka University. In addition, an executive committee of 33 Osaka University students implemented a scheduled program that achieved outstanding student and international exchange spanning university and national borders.

The first day program of the AEARU Summer Camp began with a keynote speech by Vice President Toshiya HOSHINO, a campus tour of research laboratories and visits to enterprises that broadened the students' view of both Osaka University and industries in Osaka, and, lastly, group work among the students that stimulated an active exchange of opinions. On the 23rd and 24th, there were excursions which introduced the history of Osaka, the culture of Osaka townspeople and also their food culture. On the 25th, there was an overnight trip to Awaji Island where they enjoyed a Naruto whirlpool cruise and a visit to a farm, and where they received the topic for the final day discussion: "What are necessary requirements to become a top class university in the world?" On the final day, the 26th, in a convention setting, the theme was taken up in discussions and with groups each making a presentation. Vice President Hoshino, who had spent the week with the camp, received a variety of recommendations on plans as the camp roared to a successful finish.

AEARU Summer Camp 2014

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