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Recruitment of projects for the 2014 Projects for Promoting International Joint Research (support for short-term labor costs)


As part of its future initiatives, Osaka University aggressively supports joint projects by international researchers and OU researchers in cutting-edge research. In order to further promote international joint research, this program supplies support for the costs of inviting outstanding international researchers to OU. Currently, OU is seeking projects to be conducted under this program.
Application deadline
Part 1: September 30, 2014
Part 2: October 31, 2014

In this program, in principle, international researchers will be employed under the cross-appointment system; however, in some cases, they will be employed not under the cross-appointment system, but as full-time specially appointed faculty members. This program will not only promote further research, but also make possible seminars and lectures featuring the invited international researchers, thereby also greatly contributing to the globalization of education at OU. The university will support employment costs and round-trip transportation expenses for international researchers who will be involved in selected projects.
For more information about recruitment and necessary documents for application, go to My Handai (internal use only).

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