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Support Program for Submission of one's Research Results Internationally: Researchers selected for Support enabling them to submit their Theses in English


Support Program for Submission of Research Results in English

In order to make it easier for young researchers and, in particular, female researchers at Osaka University to share the results of their research with the world, OU provides continuous and appropriate support thanks to University Research Administrators (URAs) at the Support Office for Large-Scale Education and Research Projects. In this way, the university both strengthens research at the university and meets the needs of individual researchers by providing URA advice regarding thesis proofreading/translation services and related fees in order to achieve increased submission of theses written in English to overseas academic publications.

At this time, the theses of the two researchers noted below have been selected for such support.

  • HAYASAKA Haruko, Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Medicine
  • NAIKI Yoshiko, Associate Professor, Osaka School of International Public Policy

The steps in the actual application of this program are as follows:

  1. In order to guarantee a desirable quality of writing in the thesis based on the abstract and the author's wishes regarding the quality of proofing/editing she/he desires, the URA prepares directions for the proofreader. 
  2. Based on those instructions, a professional native English proofreader edits the English used in the thesis. At any time during this step, the URA serves as liaison as needed between the author and the proofreader.
  3. A URA with a research doctor's degree makes a final check of the edited thesis.

This program will continue to recruit and support young researchers and female researchers needing such services.
Schedule for recruitment

Application period
2 August 2014 ~ July 31
3 September 2014 August 11 ~ August 29
4 October 2014 September 10 ~ September 30
5 November 2014 October 10 ~ October 31
6 December 2014 November 11 ~ November 28
7 January 2015 December 15 ~ January 1

For more information on recruitment, go here. (internal use only)

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