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Ceremony for 2014-15 Extracurricular Research Encouragement Project held


On Tuesday, July 1, the ceremony for the 15th Extracurricular Research Encouragement Project was held with President Toshio HIRANO, Vice president Kiyoshi HIGASHIJIMA, and Student Life Committee Chair Yoshinori IWATANI attending. The Extracurricular Research Encouragement Project provides original and ambitious research projects by group or individual with financial support for the purpose of encouraging such research. This academic year, 11 projects were selected from 15 projects. In the ceremony, following the explanation about screening process  by Committee Chair IWATANI, President Hirano conferred certificates on individuals whose projects were selected and delivered a speech. Following his speech, representatives of the groups selected talked about their hopes.

Extracurricular Activities 3

Selected themes

  1. Maritime RobotX Challenge -- a challenge re the autonomous underwater vehicle competition sponsored by the Association for Unmanned Vehicles Systems International (AUVSI)
  2. The development of vehicle motion models for small racing cars and the development of student formula race cars based on such models
  3. Development of a hands-on physical simulator using Oculus Rift
  4. Winning the NHK Robot Contest
  5. Studies in consensus building through problem-solving-style negotiations and mediation-tempered conflict resolution
  6. Thinking about the influence a system (specifically the Global Leaders High Schools system) has on its schools -- How the system for providing students with the option to attend public schools outside their district of residence will affect teachers
  7. Efforts to participate in the International Law Moot Court Competition and practical studies in international law
  8. Understanding theater art from a global viewpoint and the production and performance of comedies
  9. Winning the International collegiate Virtual Reality Contest (IVRC)
  10. Aging Population -- In order for the elderly to act on their own initiative in a super-aging society
  11. Possibilities for promoting Japan-China friendship through extracurricular activities

For more information on the projects selected, view this page please.

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