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10th Chinese Students Visit-Japan Project


On Monday, June 9, as a part of JENESYS2.0 (Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths), also referred to as the 10th Chinese Students Visit-Japan Project,  a get-together was held at the Convention Center with  120 students from 11 universities and 33 OU students attending.
JENESYS2.0 sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a project for deepening exchange among young people in Asia Pacific countries. It also aims to promote mutual understanding and future friendship between Japan and China.
The program started with greetings from OKAMURA Yasuyuki, Trustee & Vice President, and the showing of a video introducing introducing Osaka University.  Following that, OTANI Junko, Director, East Asian Center for Academic Initiatives spoke under the title of "International Comparison Studies in Damaged Areas" and students listened to it intently. In the workshop after the lecture, Chinese students and Japanese students had lively discussions about Japanese and Chinese cultures and university life in 8 mixed groups and presented their results, enjoying a meaningful experience.





Zhu Dan, Group Leader (7th from the right), and members of China-Japan Friendship Association

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