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Meals once served at Tekijuku recreated at restaurant in Nakanoshima Center


This month, the Rihga Royal Hotel restaurant Schola, located in Osaka University's Nakanoshima Center, started serving a set meal named "Tekijuku Gozen," based on food that was served generations ago to students at Tekijuku.
FUKUZAWA Yukichi, a Tekijuku student, recounted students' lives in his book Fukuo Jiden [Fukuzawa Yukichi's Autobiography]. Regarding what meal times looked like, he wrote, "No one ate meals in a seated position. They shoveled in food, standing around like hungry ghosts." As for the side dishes, he wrote, "Simmered green onions and sweet potatoes were served on days with numbers 1 and 6, and freshwater clam soup on days with numbers 3 and 8."

Using Fukuo Jiden as a reference, NEGORO Takao, the chef at Schola, has recreated those meals, coming up with tweaks to seasoning and ingredients. "The meals are really simple, but taste great. They will appeal to people today."

These set meals are a  joint project by Osaka University and Rihga Royal Hotel. Initially, 10 of these meals will be prepared each day.

Tekijuku Gozen

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