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drwani_humorDo you know that being an OU student or faculty/staff member gives you special services and privileges? Don't waste your opportunities to make use of them!

Find out more by reading on!

"Campus Members" -- Museums and Art Museums

You can visit museums and art museums in Kyoto, Nara, and elsewhere for free as an ID bearing student or faculty/staff member. Improve your knowledge and artistic sense by making use of this! (Please note, however, that free admission is only for the regular exhibits. Special limited-time exhibits require the paying of a fee.)

"Campus Members"

Tekijuku, Museum of Osaka University, and...

You'll come to understand the fascinating history and scholarship of OU by visiting these. Admission for all OU students is free so why not go between classes or on a holiday? You're sure to find these places fascinating!

Museum of Osaka University


Biken [RIMD] Museum

Hiruzen Seminar House

Did you know that Osaka University has Hiruzen Seminar House in the Hiruzen Highlands? It's available for seminars, training camps, and even travel with friends. Student or staff member, you're sure to find the natural beauty of early summer in the Hiruzen Highlands most satisfactory!

Hiruzen Seminar House

Tokyo Office

You can make use of the Tokyo Office whether it's a business meeting or seminar, seminar or rendezvous. Even make use of it when you're looking for employment!

Tokyo Office

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