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Osaka University Future Funds 100th Anniversary Dream Fundraising at the Icho Festival


On Saturday, May 3, known as Children's Day in Japan, the Osaka University Future Funds 100th Anniversary Dream Fundraising was held at the Icho Festival.

At the beginning of a stage show that was held, OHTAKE Fumio, Trustee & Vice President, greeted and explained the purpose of Osaka University Future Funds' 100th Anniversary Dream Fundraising. He called upon visitors for cooperation in achieving its dream to make Osaka University one of the world 's top 10 research universities by its 100th anniversary.

His greeting was followed by entertainment shows. On the special stage "Kanade", a Doughnut Entertainment Show and a mini live performance were held. The guests in the Doughnut Entertainment Show were members of Osaka University Shosekika project which had compiled and published a book referred to as "Doughnut Book," WADA Masaaki (Professor, Graduate School of Information Science, Osaka University) who had appeared in Asahi Broadcasting Corporation's TV program "Knight Scoop", Osaka University's official mascot character Dr. Wani, and YAMADA Shinya (certified public accountant and tax counselor) who delivered a speech at the 9th Homecoming Day celebrations that were held on the same day. Professor Wada sang "Shukusui" [Hangover] in his mini live performance.
Following the stage event, many people donated money at the booth, took photos, bought CDs and books. The event was a huge success.
To view video of Professor Wada's live performance, go here.

Trustee OhtakeDoughnut entertainment
Trustee Ohtake Doughnut Entertainment Show
Icho Festival 3
Dr. Wani
Prof. Wada's mini live performance Dr. Wani

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