Japanese Nobel Prize winner, Hideki YUKAWA's favorite blackboard
2014.4.25 Fri
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Japanese Nobel Prize winner, Hideki YUKAWA's favorite blackboard

Osaka University's Graduate School of Science has received the blackboard that Professor Hideki YUKAWA regularly used in his lab at Columbia University in the U.S. The first Japanese Nobel Prize winner, Professor Yukawa, served as a visiting professor at Columbia.
Professor Yukawa conducted research for six years as a lecturer and an assistant professor at the School of Science in the early days of Osaka Imperial University. In 1934, while still a lecturer, he announced the meson theory in which he predicted the existence of mesons, entirely unknown before his announcement. A few years later when mesons were discovered, Professor Yukawa's achievement was publicly acknowledged and in 1949 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for his achievement.

A blackboard is an essential item in the discussions of researchers. It is hoped that students at the Graduate School of Science will deepen discussions using this historic blackboard and Osaka University will continue to lead a way to the future of physics.
On Friday, May 2 and Saturday, May 3, during the Icho Festival , a panel presentation and video will be shown in addition to a display making use of this blackboard.

Communication Space, 7F, Bldg. H, Graduate School of Science

Students make use of the blackboard

Panel display about Prof. Yukawa at the Communication Space

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