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Say "Hello!" to Dr. Wani, the official OU mascot character!


2014 is the 50th year since the discovery of the Machikane crocodylidae, more commonly known to OU persons as "Dr. Wani," at the construction site of the OU Science Building. It is only natural that Osaka University has now designated Dr. Wani as its official mascot character.

Look forward to seeing Dr. Wani at all sorts of places, at events on campus and outside it, and in "OU goods," promoting an image of OU as a place also possessing energy and light-heartedness!

Students, faculty, staff, alumni, and prospective high schoolers, wherever and whenever, bid Dr. Wani a cheerful "Good to see you!"


• Visit Dr. Wani's webpage! [in Japanese]
Museum of Osaka University -- page on Machikane crocodylidae [in Japanese]
• OU publication Handai NOW, No.140, April 2014 issue [in Japanese]

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