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3nd Science Intercollegiate -- 5 OU students receive awards


The 3rd Science Intercollegiate was held under the sponsorship of The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology on March 1 and March 2 and five OU students received awards.
On Friday, April 11, the five Science Intercollegiate awardees visited President Toshio HIRANO to report and talked with the president about their achievements. President Hirano congratulated them, encouraging them, saying, "I gave a lecture to freshmen this morning. It's very encouraging to think that they may become like you in a couple of years. I want you to encourage your lowerclassmen to take part in this kind of competition. These awards must be your first ones as researchers. I heard that all of you aim to become researchers. I encourage you to work toward winning a Nobel Prize in the future."
Acting as a representative of the Science Intercollegiate, IGARASHI Takuya will make a presentation about what they did at the 2014 Project Promoting Presentation of Extracurricular Research Results  to be held at Osaka University Hall on Friday, May 2.

Science Intercollegiate Encouragement Award

IGARASHI Takuya, 4th year, Applied Science, School of Engineering

TAMURA Naoya, 4th year, Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Science, School of Engineering

TERAGAKI Ayumi, 4th year, Applied Science, School of Engineering

IWAKIRI Shuichi, 2nd year, Department of Physics, School of Science

Tokyo Chemical Industry Award from Tokyo Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

KOMAI Shoko, 4th year, Global Architecture, School of Engineering



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