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Academic Writing Guide for OU Students -- Get your copy!


At Osaka University,  the Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences has taken the initiative, at libraries and other locations, in providing students with instruction in the basics of academic writing. The contents of such instruction have now been compiled into a booklet entitled Introduction to Academic Writing for OU Students. This booklet is now available at Osaka University Repository (OUKA) and the Osaka University website. In addition, the booklets have already been distributed to 3,600 freshmen. Students will gain practice in the basics of academic writing at basic seminars by completing report assignments.

Academic WritingWe hope OU students as well as anyone needing to write academic papers will find this booklet helpful.

  • To learn more about the booklet and the Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences, go here.
  • To download the booklet, click here -- Osaka University Repository (OUKA)

Academic writing excerpt from the Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences

University students get a lot of assignments that require writing a report; they also need to prepare abstracts for presentations at seminars. Writing such papers is referred to as academic writing; however, most freshmen have never written such papers so this type of assignment must worry them a lot.
When told to "Complete a 4000-word paper about xxx" or "Prepare 4 or 5 A4-size pages summarizing this chapter in the book," most freshmen will be at a loss over what to write. They will be prone to lament their bad fortune, saying, "It's hard to fill up blank space," "There is nothing to write," or "I don't know how to continue my paper."
In order to write a long academic paper, writing down ideas without organizing them will not work. This booklet introduces how to go about your academic writing so that you can complete your assignments. If you practice step by step following its guidance, there is no reason to be afraid of academic writing. It will give you a realization of self-improvement. Let's give it a try now!
For more information, contact:
HORI and SAKAJIRI, Associate Professors, Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences
Email: hori*
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