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Members who produced the book "How to Eat a Doughnut without Eating the Hole" visit President Toshio Hirano


On Tuesday, April 1, the members of the Shosekika Project who compiled and published the book How to Eat a Doughnut Without Eating the Hole, Cross-Border Scholarship -- University Lectures Peeking through the Hole (Osaka University Press) visited President Toshio HIRANO to report on their achievements and the strong response from the public. The book was published in mid-February and the book is now in its third printing. The book has been reported about by the media and drawn an enthusiastic response from the general public.
Smiling, President Hirano told them, "If people know that there are many interesting teachers at Osaka University, the image of the university will be improved. I want you to pass the baton to your successors. I hope they will continue with this project and that that lead to a second and third book in this series."

Osaka University Press has promised to donate part of the book sales to Osaka University Foundation for the Future.

Members of Shosekika Project

  • HIRANO Yuta, 4th year, Division of Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering, School of Engineering
  • SONE Chisato, 4th year, Lifelong Education, Department of Human Sciences, School of Human Sciences
  • YASUMICHI Haruna, 3rd year, Arabic, Department of Foreign Studies, School of Foreign Studies
  • ONARU Haruka, 2nd year, Art History, Department of Humanities, School of Letters
  • NAKAMURA Masaki, Associate Professor, General Education Department, Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • MATSUYUKI Terumasa, Associate Professor, Graduate Schools Cross-border Education Division, Planning and Development Department, Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • TSUCHIHASHI Yoshiaki, Planning Promotion Department, Osaka University Press
  • KAWAKAMI Nobuyo, Editorial Department, Osaka University Press




What is Osaka University Shosekika Project?

Students and faculty staff at Osaka University and Osaka University Press are involved in the entire process of publishing a book from planning, compilation, publication, and sales.

The start of this project

In April 2012, in cooperation with Osaka University Press, a faculty member with an idea for publishing interesting classes at Osaka University outlined a plan for this project with students who got interested in his idea. In October 2012, in order to officially begin this project, the university opened a regular class (basic seminar) "Putting out a Book" and the members launched their activities.


In the basic seminar "Putting out a Book" in cooperation with Osaka University Press, students made fascinating plans while learning about publishing a book in lectures by publication-related people. Students made presentations at a meeting in order to decide whether to publish the book selected in a class competition. A decision to publish was made in March 2013. Students, faculty members, and the press worked together. The students were involved in all the process from requesting writing, to proofreading, to designing the cover and page layout.
In February 2014, the book full of a variety of scholarship at Osaka University and students' ideas, How to Eat a Doughnut Without Eating the Hole, Cross-Border Scholarship -- University Lectures Peeking through the Hole, was published. Coincidental with the production of the book, they also conducted public relations activities and made PR materials. After the publication, they promoted the book by conducting events to celebrate the publication of the book for three weeks in a row at Kinokuniya Bookstore in Grand Front OSAKA. This project has been reported upon by newspaper, radio, and television media, drawing attention as a new education and publication project.

Shoseki members 1

Shoseki members 2

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