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Graduation Ceremony and Graduate School Commencement Ceremony Celebrated at Osaka-Jo Hall


Our sincerest congratulations to all those who have completed advanced degrees and who are graduating today.

On this bright sunny day, over 6,000 new graduates spread their wings and fly forth.

You are now poised on a new threshold, ready to go forward on varied paths in life. No matter which road you take, as a Handai citizen sharing the time you spent with us, please keep in mind and from time to time remember Osaka University.

Now and hence forth, you will always be a part of Osaka University.

Osaka University

To view an English translation of President Hirano's graduation address, go here.

gra2014_01.jpg gra2014_02.jpg
gra2014_03.jpg gra2014_04.jpg
President Toshio HIRANO delivers graduation address. Matsuo IWATA, graduate of OU School of Economics; Representative, Leadership Consulting, delivers lecture.
gra2014_07.jpg gra2014_12.jpg
Recipient of Doctor's degree and Ambassador of Albania (respectively, 2nd and 3rd from right)
gra2014_06.jpg gra2014_05.jpg
gra2014_09.jpg gra2014_10.JPG

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