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Symposium, "Connecting the Now of Fukushima with the Future -- Empathy for Kansai to Sympathy for Tohoku"


On Saturday, March 8, Fukushima University and Osaka University jointly held a symposium at Nakanoshima Center, "Connecting the Now of Fukushima with the Future -- Sympathy for Kansai to Empathy for Tohoku" to consider how to prevent and reduce damage from disaster.
Three years have passed since the The Great East Japan Earthquake. Lecturers and some 200 participants discussed how we, people in the Kansai region, continue to engage in reconstruction assistance and share the pain of sufferers.
WASHIDA Kiyokazu, Director, Sendai Mediatheque, in his keynote speech, said that some people were worried about the memory of the disaster might fade, but the aftermath of the disaster still remains in different ways. Cultivating a zest for living is an important mission of education.
Concerning the current situation in Fukushima, TSURIMAKI Yoko, Doshisha International Senior High School student, based on her experience in disaster-stricken area in Fukushima, said "I worked hard with my 100 friends who shared difficult experiences. In August we will have a festival in Paris to celebrate the resurgence of the Tohoku region. We'd like to express our appreciation to their reconstruction assistance and tell them about the terror of natural disasters and the allure of the Tohoku region."


Director Washida


Ms. Yoko Tsurimaki


Panel discussion


President Toshio Hirano and students from Osaka University and Fukushima University

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