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Extracurricular Clubs & Circles requested to refrain from Recruitment Activities following Entrance Ceremony


This year's Entrance Ceremony is scheduled for Wednesday, April 2 at Osaka Jo Hall. Although it used to be typical for members of Osaka University's extracurricular clubs and circles to gather and try to recruit new members as the new students left the ceremony, we ask once again that all student groups refrain from such recruitment activities.

The reason is the same as in the past couple of years:

That is, the entrance/exit area of Osaka Jo Hall is not that spacious and, moreover, there are steps making a crowded situation dangerous. In addition, Osaka Jo Hall is located within Osaka Jo Koen [Osaka Castle Park] and the park will already be filled with many persons enjoying the cherry blossoms. Engaging in recruitment in the park will be a nuisance to general citizens and create ill will.

Last year, despite a similar ban on recruitment activities, a few groups tried to enlist new members, causing the university to receive complaints. Therefore, all extracurricular student clubs and circles --including unofficial student groups-- are strictly forbidden from engaging in any sort of recruitment activities following this year's 2014 Entrance Ceremony.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in advance.

Department of Student Affairs

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