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Acceptance of Applications for the "Research Support System" (for 2014~15)


The Research Support System employs "research assistants" to assist researchers who are having difficulty in securing sufficient time for research due to pregnancy or due to family responsibilities such as child-rearing or caring for a bed-ridden family member.

Persons hoping for assistance from this support system are requested to apply as noted below:

Intended for: Full-time and part-time faculty members and researchers, regardless of gender and field of research, at Osaka University and Fellows (PD/RPD) of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS). (Please note that individuals with the status of student are not eligible.)

Application Acceptance period: Monday, January 6 ~ Monday, January 27

Screening by interview: Friday, February 7

Support period: April 1, 2014 ~ March 31, 2015

For more information, please view Research Support System.

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