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"Idea Awards" for 2013~14 announced


Osaka University solicits suggestions regarding work improvement from faculty and staff both in order to improve work efficiency and also to increase the awareness of faculty and staff that they can be participants in work improvement.

Suggestions submitted are passed on to a working group. The working group considers the merits of the suggestions and then passes on a report with their recommendation(s) to the trustee in charge of office reform. Suggestions adopted by the working group are implemented and, additionally, the faculty or staff member(s) who submitted the suggestion(s) are awarded a "Business Improvement Idea Award."

Between October 2012 and September 2013, twenty-nine suggestions were submitted. Of these twenty-nine, one was adopted. The suggestion adopted was for a conference room calendar to show the availability of rooms according to date and time. This suggestion came from office workers' experience of having trouble finding an available conference room.

Thus, on Thursday, November 12, an Award Ceremony was held in the office of President Tohio HIRANO.

For more information on this year's award and the awardees, go here.


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