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100th anniversary Dream Fundraising Campaign held at Machikane Festival


On Sunday, November 11, the 100th Anniversary Dream Fundraising Campaign was held at Machikane Festival on the Toyonaka campus. An exciting event, the Handai Quiz Contest was held on the special stage "Kanade" at the festival. Receiving cheers from Dr. Crocodile and Minoh City's mascot character TAKINOMICHI Yuzuru, participants challenged President Toshio HIRANO in correctly answering OU trivia questions.
After the contest was over, President Hirano said, "Osaka University has a dream to make it one of the world's top 10 research universities by its 100th anniversary in 2031. It's important to make every effort in the belief that this dream will really come true. Also, the firm decision to make our university better ourselves counts. I would like all OU members to take part in this 100th Anniversary Dream Fundraising Campaign. I also hope local people will assist us in this campaign."
Responding to President Hirano's call at the special booth, many people donated money. They received copies of the Osaka University NewsLetter 2011~2013 signed by President Toshio Hirano.
The 100th Anniversary Dream Fundraising campaign will continue and donation boxes have been placed at coops on the campus.

KUNO Megumi, M1, Graduate School of Economics (right) acts as host
Quiz contest winner (center) and his family
02創立100周年ゆめ募金キャンペーンin まちかね祭
People participate in the fundraising campaign.
TAKINOMICHI Yuzuru and President Hirano

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