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Osaka University joins the Osaka Campus Network for Crime-Prevention


In order to protect female students and others from crime and coordinate crime-prevention measures, Osaka Prefectural Police in cooperation with 66 universities in Osaka Prefecture established the "Osaka Campus Network for Crime-Prevention." On Monday, September 30, following the adoption of a prospectus for the network, an inauguration ceremony was held at Osaka University's Nakanoshima Center. Greetings were presented by both MURAI Toshiyuki of the Community Safety Division of the Osaka Prefectural Police and by Trustee OYAMA Shinnosuke of the Department of Safety and Hygiene at Osaka University.

Osaka University carries out various public awareness activities in order to protect female students and others from sex crimes, etc., while improving coordination with the Osaka Campus Network for Crime-Prevention.

Inauguration ceremony participants from OU and the police wave to the audience.
Trustee Oyama delivers his greeting.
The "symbol mascots" of Osaka Prefectural Police, Fu and Kei ["fu" is a homonym for "prefecture" and "kei" is the first syllable of "police" in Japanese]

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