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Seven Universities Meet ends


On Saturday, September 21, the closing ceremony for the 52nd Seven Universities Meet (fondly referred to as "Nanadai-sen" in Japanese) was held at the auditorium in Osaka University Hall. This year's meet was hosted by Osaka University and started with ice hockey last year in December. Over the past 9 months, exciting competitions were staged in 31 sporting events.
Tohoku University took the championship while Kyoto University was runner-up. Osaka University competed strongly, but in the end came in third. In his greeting, President Toshio HIRANO praised the athletes' strenuous efforts, rewarding students engaged in the management of the meet for their services.
Next year's "Nanadai-sen" will be hosted by Kyoto University. It promises to be an exciting meet.

Tohoku University
Osaka University
INOUE Shinya, Meet Chair
バスケットボール バドミントン アーチェリー

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