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Projects selected by the "Future Research Initiative Group Project Support"


The Future Research Initiative Group Support Project was set up to select proposals from members of the school community in order to create new areas for promoting basic research, exercising leadership in research initiatives directed toward solutions for national challenges as an OU policy for promoting future strategy.

Currently, from the 25 proposals submitted, the screening committee selected the following 11 projects. Over the next 3 years, OU will lend support to their research fees.


List of the projects selected -- Support will be provided from 2013 ~ 2015

NameInstitution / Position
Name of Group
TANAKA Hitoshi Graduate School of Law and Politics, professor 21st Century Challenges and China
FUKASE Kouichi Graduate School of Science, Professor Development of intelligent bioregulatory-molecules for future medicine and diagnosis
TOYODA Michisato Project Research Center for Fundamental Sciences, Vice Director On-site Mass Spectrometry based on the Multi-turn Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer "MULTUM"
FUJIWARA Yasufumi Graduate School of Engineering, Professor Green nanomaterials "making things" initiative
ASHIDA Masaaki Graduate School of Engineering Science, Professor Research center for multiple-hierarchical material dynamics by 20-octave spectroscopy 
YOSHIDA Hiroshi Graduate School of Engineering Science, Professor

Computational Nano-Materials Design : New Strategic Materials

MIYAKE Jun Graduate School of Engineering Science, Professor Formation of a solution model through area-compatible, comprehensive environmental renewal of the Mekong River basin in southern Vietnam. (Aiming for formation of a technical integration group providing comprehensive support for environmental problems of a developing country)
TADA Hirokazu Graduate School of Engineering Science, Professor Molecular technology initiative
IMOTO Nobuyuki Graduate School of Engineering Science, Professor Quantum interface research planning group
YOSHIDA Youichi Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Center, Director Osaka University Nano Science Technology Alliance
OYA Kosuke Center for the Study of Finance and Insurance, Director Risk analysis and capital market research Group


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