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Osaka University announces rebirth in Ume-kita: "Institute for Academic Initiatives Symposium -- 'Embarking on the Future'"!


On Saturday, June 1st, the Osaka University Institute for Academic Initiatives Symposium -- "Embarking on the Future" was held at the Knowledge Theater in Grand Front OSAKA in the Umekita district of Osaka City, a recently completed complex that is receiving a lot of attention.

President Toshio HIRANO presented a lecture outlining the potential for a rebirth of education and research at Osaka University thanks to the university's newly created Institute for Academic Initiatives. Moreover, special lectures were also delivered by Kumiko BANDO, Director, Higher Education Bureau, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and Masayoshi MATSUMOTO, Vice President, Kansai Economic Federation.

Osaka University created the Institute for Academic Initiatives as a strategy, an endeavor, to respond more precisely and rapidly, and, across a new and wider spectrum of learning, to the needs of society.

In this symposium, reports were provided on achievements of the ongoing Leading Program in Doctoral Education in new endeavors at graduate schools, new approaches in the combining of different research program fields, and details on basic research in drug discovery, cognitive neuroscience, and photon science. It is expected that, in a couple of years, education and research organizations at Osaka University will give birth to new personnel and knowledge, making a great contribution to society.

With 350 in attendance, all seats were filled, and mood evolved as the symposium progressed from one of hopes for the future of Osaka University to a certainty these developments would be achieved.

To download and view a document outlining President Hirano's main points, click here. (document in Japanese)

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