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8th Homecoming Day Held


The 8th Homecoming Day and the Icho Festival were held on the Toyonaka Campus on Friday, May 3. Homecoming kicked off with an enthusiastic welcome to the more than 330 graduates, their family members and friends visiting the campus.

The ceremony itself, hosted by SEKI Junko, graduate of the School of Human Sciences and a Kansai Telecasting Corporation announcer, began with a performance by the cheerleaders.

Greetings were then presented by three figures, President HIRANO Toshio, KUMAGAI Nobuaki, former OU president and president of the alumni association, and KAWATA Teiichi, graduate of Graduate School of Letters, Osaka University of Foreign Studies and a director of the Promotion and Mutual Aid Corporation for Private Schools of Japan. Mr. Kawata delivered a greeting entitled "What SHIBA Ryotaro saw -- Osaka, Osaka University of Foreign Studies, Osaka University, and Professor Marius Jansen."

His lecture was followed by a party at the restaurant in the library building. The party got off to a great start with a toast by NAKAMURA Sadao, an artist and graduate of the School of Letters.

Participants enjoyed chatting and renewing friendships while listening background music provided by the student music circle "Swing."

The day ended on a high note with President Hirano, presenting Ms. Seki, who volunteered to be M.C., with a stuffed toy version of the Machikane alligator, Osaka University's mascot.

After the party, visitors participated in events held by the schools they graduated from and events in the Icho Festival. Many spent the time at their old schools and viewing the 16th Exhibition at the Museum of Osaka University: "The Era when Osaka was sharp -- Osaka, from War-ravaged to the Eve of Expo '70".

We'd like to express our sincere appreciation to alumni and friends for their participation in this year's events. Osaka University looks forward to welcoming all of you again at next year's Homecoming Day!


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