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The 2013 Entrance Ceremony celebrated -- Osaka University


The 2013 Entrance Ceremony was held at Osaka Jo Hall on Tuesday, April 2nd. Despite unclement weather, 3,536 undergraduate students and 2,951 graduate students enrolled in Osaka University, filling Osaka Jo Hall with freshmen and their families.

KANDA Yuuta of School of Engineering Science and SUGIYAMA Mao of Graduate School of Language and Culture took the oath on behalf of the many new students.

President HIRANO Toshio delivered the address of welcome. He entreated the students to "Forget neither this moment nor the excitement that fills you now. Hold tight to the dream, the determination, that fills you and, like a great bird, spread your wings and fly high." Following the president's speech, the deans of the various schools and graduate schools were introduced. Their introduction was followed by a celebration in which the university's mixed chorus sang the Osaka University Student Song and the male choir sang Stunz's Frie Kunst.

These performances were followed by an orientation, and then university cheer-leading groups gave a round of cheers for the new students.

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