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Osaka University Professors Emeritus Conference 2012 held


The annual Osaka University Professor Emeritus Conference was held at Sanraku no ma in Rihga Royal Hotel on Tuesday, November 27. Sixty-six professors emeritus from Osaka University and [the former] Osaka University of Foreign Studies as well as 46 guests invited by the Professors Emeritus Association including President Toshio HIRANO, trustees, vice presidents, auditors, and deans were present.

Following a greeting by SUZUKI Yutaka, Professor Emeritus of the School of Engineering, a member of the Professor Emeritus Association, a moment of silence was held for professors who had passed away. Following that, HASHIMOTO Hitonari, Professor Emeritus of the School of Medicine who was awarded Zuihou-chuju Award this autumn extended his greetings. His greetings were followed by a lecture by Keiichi NAMBA, Professor, Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences, who was awarded Japan Academy Prize and Imperial Award this year. He delivered a speech "Viewing the 3D structure of Supermolecules Supporting Life". After that President Hirano talked about the current situation at Osaka University.

The lecture was followed by a party. After an introduction by President HIRANO of the deans in attendance, the party was kicked off with a toast proposed by TAKENOUCHI Osamu, Professor Emeritus of the Graduate School of Engineering Science. Participants enjoyed chatting and renewing friendships.

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