Departmental Firefighter Teams competed in a Firefighting-Preparedness Tournament
2012.11.5 Mon
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Departmental Firefighter Teams competed in a Firefighting-Preparedness Tournament

On Wednesday, October 31 , departmental firefighter teams competed in a Firefighting-Preparedness Tournament on the baseball field on the Suita campus.

The purpose of this tournament, the first of its type, was to heighten the skills and preparation of departmental and office firefighting teams and their members in a game-style tournament. Thanks to the full support of the Fire Departments of the 4 cities, Suita, Toyonaka, Ibaraki, and Minoh, the tournament involved practicing with actual equipment, fire trucks, and hoses.

252 individuals (students and faculty and staff members) made up 21 teams for the tournament. The teams competed in 3 activities: (1) using fire extinguishers, (2) putting and carrying an injured person on a stretcher, and (3) using a hose from a fire hydrant to extinguish a fire in a room. Firefighting staff from the Fire Departments of Suita and Ibaraki cities served as judges, grading the teams on their performance.

The Administration Bureau Team composed of staff from the Department of General Affairs and Planning and the Department of Finance came in 1st, an achievement for which they received certificates, a trophy, and prizes. In 2nd place was the Graduate School of Engineering Team , while 3rd place went to the Graduate School of Dentistry and Dental Hospital 'A' Team !

Although this was the first such tournament, we were very pleased with the effectiveness of the tournament in heightening awareness of the need for preparation and also because of the serious practice the various teams engaged in prior to the tournament itself.

Congratulations and a big Thank You to all participants!

Department of Safety and Hygiene

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