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OU "Program for Leading Graduate Schools," 2012~2013


The Program for Leading Graduate Schools promotes graduate school education to create and develop world-class degree programs, programs transcending field borders, programs that will produce graduates capable of serving as international leaders in academia, business, and government and who will possess broad perspectives and originality. There are 3 types of programs: All-round type, Multidisciplinary type, and Only-one type.

The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) selected 24 programs submitted by universities throughout Japan as "Programs for Leading Graduate Schools." Of these 24, three were for programs submitted by graduate schools at Osaka University.

Programs selected in 2012~ 2013

Type Program
Multidisciplinary type (Materials) Interactive Materials Science Cadet Program
Multidisciplinary type (Information) Humanware Innovation Program
Multidisciplinary type (Multi-cultural Symbiotic Society) Doctoral Program for Multicultural Innovation


In comparison: Programs selected in 2011~ 2012

All-round type Cross-Boundary Innovation Program
Multidisciplinary type (Life and Health) Interdisciplinary Program for Biomedical Sciences (IPBS)


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