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Volker Kauder, Chairperson of the [German] CDU and CSU presents lecture at OU


Thanks to assistance from the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Japan office, upon the visit to Japan of Volker Kauder, Chairperson of the [German] CDU and CSU parliamentary groups in the Bundestag and former Secretary General of the CDU, Osaka University Law School and the Graduate School of Law and Politics held a reception where Chairman Kauder spoke on "Wohin steuert Europa?" ["Where is Europe headed?"].

As Chairperson of the CDU/CSU block and the "right arm" of Chancellor of Germany, Merkel, Chairperson Kauder commands a position of power in the German world.

With interest high regarding the Euro crisis and related European issues, some 70 students and faculty members both from Osaka University and other universities attended in order to hear Chairperson Kauder speak.

Volker Kauder

For additional information [in Japanese] on this event, please go here.

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