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Osaka University explanatory session was held for high school teachers in Kansai area


On Tuesday, July 24, an Explanatory Session was held at Osaka University Hall with about 120 career guidance teachers of high schools in the Kansai area in attendance.

Osaka University makes an effort to share information about education and research at the university with prospective students and their parents through a variety of venues: explanatory sessions --known as "open campuses," visits of OU faculty members to the high schools they graduated from, participation in university counseling sessions hosted by outside organizations, and through a wide variety of information available on the OU website.

Of course, many high school students obtain information about Osaka University from their high school teachers. However, the reality is that not all high school teachers are aware of the content of current research being done at OU or of the environment that would surround new incoming students.

Following the lectures, "Osaka University Creating Bright Future" by President Hirano and explanation about Osaka University by Trustee and Vice President Higashijima, a chief of the Admission Division explained about the screening process. Many high school teachers paid close attention and asked questions in this lively Open Campus session.

Admission Division, Department of Student Affairs


President Hirano delivered a lecture

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