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Important message from the President to members of Osaka University


Reviewing the distribution of financial resources, indirect expenses, and countermeasures for dealing with aging facilities

April 18, 2012

As explained in my New Year's greeting, we are preparing Osaka University Future Strategies for 2012~2015 in accordance with the Fundamental Directions noted below. The draft of the plan has already been explained at the deans and directors meeting in March.

In line with eight items in the future strategies regarding the distribution of financial resources, indirect expenses, and countermeasures for dealing with aging facilities, we've clarified our management policies. We hope you will see these management policies from the broad prospective that we are all in the same boat at Osaka University.

Financial management is a means for fulfilling one of the original missions of a university, but not the purpose itself. I'm sure that these policies will help each member of Osaka University community achieve a high level of objectives and motivation. Thank you for your continued support and contributions for the further development of Osaka University. Each of you plays an important role.

Fundamental Directions

Based on the principle that one of the missions of a university is imparting education giving one the ability to perceive the true essence of things and that universities contribute to society by fulfilling such missions, Osaka University aims to make this university a world center for both learning and education under the motto of "Live Locally, Grow Globally," and to produce outstanding graduates with a high sense of ethics and international-mindedness.

Innovation bringing peace and change to society cannot be realized without the promotion of basic research to ascertain the true essence of things. Society asks that universities promote fundamental academic research as a creative intellectual activity as well as university-industry and university-society collaboration grounded in fundamental research. Universities will contribute to the development and welfare of human beings by fulfilling such a mission.

In order to further develop the university, Osaka University must promote a work environment in which each member can work with vigor and all education and research organizations can achieve their unique potential. And then, under the president's leadership, all members of management, administration, and education and research organizations must actively promote university reform so as to fulfill the expectations of society. In this way, we will lay a foundation on which Osaka University will continue to shine forth even in the 22nd century as a leading world university.

For details on the management policies, go here. [Login required.]

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