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Explanatory Session for additional applications for the new nursery school "Machikane" on the Toyonaka Campus


Construction has begun on a new Osaka University nursery school -- Machikane -- on the Toyonaka campus. The building is scheduled to be completed by the end of August 2012; the school will open in October.

Therefore, an explanatory session (for secondary applications) for individuals hoping to enroll their child in Machikane has been scheduled as noted below:

  • Date & Time: Saturday, May 19 -- from 10:00 a.m.
    Venue: Conference Room #F608, 6th floor, Building F, Earth and Space Science Building, Graduate School of Science
  • Prior registration is not necessary.

An overview of and details regarding the Machikane nursery school are posted on Osaka University's nursery school website. Second application guidelines for Machikane will be posted there in late May.

For questions or additional information, contact:

Nursery School Takenoko
Tel: 06-6879-4154 (extensions: 4154 & 9586)
Email: takenoko[at]

Note: When using, please substitute @ for [at].


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