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Results of screening for the 13th Presidential Awards for Extracurricular Activities


Nominations for the 13th Presidential Awards for Extracurricular Activities were accepted from January 11 through February 17, 2012 in order to recognize outstanding extracurricular activities during the 2011~12 academic year and to invigorate and improve student extracurricular activities.

Twenty-eight nominations for 5 sports-oriented clubs, 11 culture-oriented clubs, and 12 other groups and individuals were received. Following screening and interviews by the Screening Committee for the Presidential Awards for Extracurricular Activities and the Student Life Committee, the winners noted below were selected.

The Awards Ceremony will be held at 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday, May 1 at the 2012 Icho Festival. The venue will be the main stage in front of the Administration and Lecture Building A of the Institute for Higher Education Research and Practice on the Toyonaka Campus.

It is hoped many will attend this ceremony.

Most Outstanding Achievement Award

  • Go [club]

Outstanding Achievement Awards

  • School of Medicine Women's Badminton Team
  • SAKAI KAazuki (4th year, School of Science)
  • YAMAMOTO Hiroshi (4th year, School of Engineering Science)

Special Recognition Awards

  • IKEDA Takahiro (Men's Lacrosse)
  • Osaka University Disaster Volunteer Circle "Suzuran"
  • ACTION-students' project for 3.11

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