2012.3.22 Thu
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Graduation Ceremony and Graduate Schools Investiture Ceremony Celebrated

The 2011~12 Graduation Ceremony and 2011~12 Graduate School Investiture Ceremony were held at Osaka-Jo Hall on Thursday, March 22.
Including students from the School of Foreign Studies who entered after the integration of Osaka University of Foreign Studies with Osaka University, this year 3,518 undergraduate students graduated. Graduate degrees were conferred upon 2,102 students, Juris Doctor's degrees upon 90, and Doctor's degrees upon 502.
The graduation ceremony opened with a slideshow that took the students through visit to memory lane over the years now drawing to an end in the solemn ceremony in Osaka Jo Hall.
Following the conferring of these degrees, 24 outstanding graduates received Kusumoto Awards for excellent achievement from the Kusumoto Scholarship Association, established to commemorate the retirement of KUSUMOTO Chozaburo, the second president of Osaka University. After that, degrees of master, juris doctor, and doctor were conferred upon representatives from the schools.
President HIRANO delivered the graduation address in which he entreated graduates to see beneath appearances, ascertain the true essence of all things, and fly high in the world.
KOBAYASHI Eizou, chairperson of Itochu Corporation, delivered a commemorative address to the graduates in which he charged them to carry with pride their graduation from Osaka University, to hone their specialty, face the challenges ahead, and to address global issues while respectfully viewing matters in the world with empathy and understanding for the different value systems.

To view a copy of President Hirano's address, please download the pdf below.

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