2012.3.7 Wed
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1st SEMESTER -- Student Aides for Students with Disabilities being sought by the Student Service Station

The Student Service Station is seeking students who can be the eyes, ears, or hands for Osaka University students whose various challenges require the assistance of another person. Would you like to be one of these helpers during the First Semester of the 2012~13 year? Help these students during times when you do not have classes.

How about it? Interested? Like to know more specifics about what you might do? Have questions? Remuneration?

For more info and questions, please contact the Support for Students with Disabilities unit of the Student Support Station . (Note: The link "Support for Students with Disabilities" given above is in Japanese. This is not a mistake. The link is for the Japanese page because there's currently no additional info on the English page about the student aides being sought.)
Tel : 06-6850-6107 (Please limit telephone calls to noon ~ 5:00 p.m. and days other than Tuesdays)

Email : shien<at> (Please change <at> to @ when using.)

The following types of student aides are being sought:

  • Aides for hearing impaired students -- be a " note taker " for them
  • Aides for physically impaired students -- " note-taking assistant " for them
  • Aides for physically impaired students -- help them at meal time
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