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Teacher Training Cooperation Agreements with Municipal Governments signed


On February 28, 2012, Osaka University concluded teacher training cooperation agreements with the boards of education of Toyonaka City, Ikeda City, Minoh City, Toyono-cho, and Nose-cho. The agreements are expected to improve the quality and training of teachers and staff and also contribute to the improvement and development of education in the local communities. Additionally, they are expected to contribute to education and research at the university itself.

The agreements include provisions on information about the employment of teachers and staff from the boards of education and job experience projects, information that will assist students hoping to become teachers or school staff. Furthermore, the agreements are expected to improve the quality of students hoping to become teachers and assist them in job-placement.


3 cities


From L to R: Nose-cho Superintendent MAEDA,Toyono-cho Superintendent OGAWA, Minoh City Superintendent MAEDA, Osaka University Trustee HIGASHIJIMA, Toyonaka City Superintendent YAMAMOTO, Ikeda City Superintendent MURARA

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