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Osaka University Professors Emeritus Conference 2011 held


The annual Osaka University Professors Emeritus Conference was held at Korin no ma in the Rihga Royal Hotel in Osaka on Monday, November 28. Seventy-three professors emeritus from Osaka University and [the former] Osaka University of Foreign Studies as well as 52 guests invited by the Professors Emeritus Association including President Toshio HIRANO, trustees, vice presidents, auditors, and deans were present.

Following a greeting by SUZUKI Yutaka, Professor Emeritus of the School of Engineering, a member of the Professor Emeritus Association, a moment of silence was held for professors who had passed away. Next on the agenda was an introduction of newly appointed professors emeritus The newly appointed professors emeritus were represented by former president WASHIDA Kiyokazu and former trustee and vice president TAKASUGI Eiichi. Following their introduction, MORITA Seizo, Professor at the School of Engineering delivered a speech "Element Discrimination at Room Temperature and Atom Manipulation and Assembly." After that, President HIRANO spoke on his resolve regarding university management and current activities at the university.

His lecture was followed by a party. After an introduction by President Hirano of the deans in attendance, the party was kicked off with a toast from TAGO Keiichi, Professor Emeritus of the Graduate School of Law and Politics. Participants enjoyed chatting and renewing friendships.

At the end, following a recommendation by YABU Shiro, Professor Emeritus at the Graduate School of Language and Culture, Professors Emeritus SUZUKI Yutaka, TAGO Keiichi, YABU Shiro and former presidents KUMAGAI Nobuaki, KANEMORI Junjiro, MIYAHARA Hideo, WASHIDA Kiyokazu, and President HIRANO went up on the stage and gave three cheers for the prosperity of Osaka University and the attendees' health. The party finished in a friendly atmosphere.

 General Affairs Division, Department of General Affairs and Planning


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