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Adoption of "Program for Leading Graduate Schools," 2011~2012


This year's launch by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) of the "Program for Leading Graduate Schools" is intended to become a driving force behind drastic reform in applicable areas of graduate school education at leading educational centers. Program for Leading Graduate Schools aims to promote the efforts of graduate schools to create and develop world-class degree programs, programs transcending field borders, with the aim of producing graduates capable of serving as international leaders in academia, business, and government.

Leading Program outlines were submitted to JSPS from universities throughout Japan. The maximum duration of programs was set at 7 years. Applications for three types of programs were sought by JSPS: all-round programs (programs that would produce leaders with a wide range of expertise), multidisciplinary programs (programs that would produce leaders with expertise in overlapping fields), and only-one programs (programs that would produce leaders with a clearly defined specialty).

JSPS selected 21 programs from the programs submitted by universities throughout Japan. Out of these 21, two were for programs submitted by Osaka University graduate schools.

Type Program
All-round type Cross-Boundary Innovation Program
Multidisciplinary type (life and health) Interdisciplinary Program for Biomedical Sciences (IPBS)

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