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Symposium by Presidents of three Kansai universities -- Embarking on the Recovery of Japan: Roles for the Wisdom of the Kansai


Symposium by Presidents of three Kansai universities was held on Wednesday, November 9 under the sponsorship of Nikkei Inc., Osaka. The symposium took up the topic of "Embarking on the Recovery of Japan: Roles for the Wisdom of the Kansai." President Hirano and some 560 individuals from universities and companies participated in it.

In this symposium, MORI Shosuke, chairman of the Kansai Economic Federation delivered the keynote speech. His speech was followed by a discussion between MATSUMOTO Hiroshi, Kyoto University President, FUKUDA Hideki, Kobe University President, and HIRANO Toshio, Osaka University President. Under the theme "Embarking on the Recovery of Japan: Roles for the Wisdom of the Kansai," they introduced approaches and research results from their three universities.

At the opening of the symposium, President Hirano spoke about early responses following the Great East Japan Earthquake in academic research and challenges facing Japan since the disaster  -- energy supply and communication between science and society. He also spoke about research projects and approaches conducted at Osaka University. Regarding the role for Osaka University, he said that now was the time for Osaka University to work hard on its original missions -- education and human development.

In the panel discussion following his presentation, he presented his recommendations for dealing with challenges of the lack of resources, aging, and disease, voicing his view that it is not a matter of being overcome by these challenges, but that with a perceptual change, industry can blossom.

Presidents of other two universities, touching on the unique aspects of their universities, also expressed their views regarding the loss of public trust in science and technology and how to promote the internationalization of universities.


President Hirano delivering a speech.


Panel discussion

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