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Student Exchange & Interdisciplinary Research and Education Seminar, October 2011


The Center for Interdisciplinary Research and Education held the 3rd Student Exchange & Interdisciplinary Research and Education Seminar at Cosmosquare Hotel and Congress (Nanko, Osaka) over the two days of October 14 and 15.

These annual seminars provide students with a forum for discussion designed to nurture their multiple and interdisciplinary perspectives. This year's seminar was jointly held with Tsukuba University and Waseda University. Thirty-seven students participated in this year's seminar -- 16 from Osaka University and 21 from Tsukuba and Waseda universities, 11 of whom were international students.

Prior to the seminar, a campus tour was conducted for the students from Tsukuba University and Waseda University. The tour started with KUBO Shiro, Director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Research and Education giving them an overview of Osaka University. Following that, students visited laboratories, including the Asada Laboratory* where robots performed for them.

After the tour, the seminar itself kicked off with students' self-introductions and introductions of their research projects. Following the introductions, NAKANISHI Hiroshi, Specially Appointed Professor, Center for Interdisciplinary Research and Education, presented an introductory lecture.

Discussions were then held under the theme of "Project 2021 -- Society, Science, and Technology in Ten Years." Japanese and international students from a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and fields, broke into 8 groups for discussions, some of which were conducted in English. Student participation was intense with occasional advice from their instructors.

The organizers received comments such as these from students who participated in the discussions: "We came up with new ideas thanks to the varied opinions of persons in different fields. Moreover, discussing things in English was really valuable, something we seldom experience." A student from one of the visiting universities said, "It was a great experience to meet with people from different universities with innovative ideas, a great and wonderful experience."

Clearly, the two days were an enriching experience for the students!


* Department of Adaptive Machine Systems, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University

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