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Osaka University Wins 50th Seven Universities Meet -- Champions for 2nd year in a row!


The Seven Universities Meet in which sports clubs from seven national universities -- Osaka University, Hokkaido University, Tohoku University, The University of Tokyo, Nagoya University, Kyoto University, and Kyushu University --  compete with each other, marked its 50th anniversary this year. Once again, Osaka University walked away with the over-all championship, the second time in two years.

The 50th Seven Universities Meet was hosted by Hokkaido University. The meet consisted of 41 scheduled events between July and September with some of them held before the opening ceremony on July 2. The closing ceremony was held on September 24.

Osaka University won 8 of the events, including the championships in Men's Track and Field for the third straight year and the 4th straight win for Shorinji Kempo events.

Despite some extremely close contests, Osaka University achieved a total score of 217, outdistancing the runner-up and this year's sponsor, Hokkaido University, by 3 points.

This championship resulted in Osaka University becoming the overall champion for the 7th time. However, making this win particularly sweet was not so much the seventh overall championship, but the fact that this championship was the 2nd championship in a row as one of the participating universities and not the sponsor!

For more information, please visit the 50th Seven Universities Meet website.


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