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From October, Bicycles on the Toyonaka campus must be registered


Due to the current and on-going problems of the large number of bicycles parked on the Toyonaka campus, the safety of bicycle traffic on the Handai Slope ["Handai Saka"], as well as problems facing the overall convenience and safety of the barrier-free campus design, bicycle users on the Toyonaka campus are asked to register their bicycles from October 2011.

It is hoped that registration of bicycles will improve overall safety and eliminate parking problems, making the Toyonaka campus a more pleasant environment for all.

Your cooperation in this measure is appreciated. Please register your bicycle by October 31.

Download the Registration form

Download rules and related info concerning registration



For additional information, forms, or questions, contact one of the following: Office, 2nd floor of Co-op DonDon; Main Office of each School; Facilities Planning Division, Department of Facilitie.

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