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Handai Boat joined Tenjin Festival


Osaka University marked its 7th participation in the annual Tenjin Festival in Osaka City on Monday, July 25 with the launching of the "Handai Boat" onto the waters of the Yodogawa River. In 2011, the university celebrates its 80th anniversary, and, thus, the boat set sail sporting the anniversary slogan "Reflecting on the origin... Looking to the future...".
A total of 178 people were on board--former presidents of Osaka University KUMAGAI Nobuaki and KISHIMOTO Tadamitsu, alumni, current faculty and staff, and a number of international students.


Making the voyage both pleasant and informative were special guests, the comic story-teller HAYASHIYA Hanamaru and Tenjin Festival guide KASAI Toshimitsu who posed as the conversation partner of the story-teller.


Passengers showed their appreciation for the cheers of the university's cheerleading group and the easy-listening music of the group JAZZ with warm applause.

 In this way, the 3-hour voyage reinforced the bonds of solidarity among the Osaka University family while providing memories for the summer ahead.





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