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Financial Aid

Students hoping for financial aid, tuition fee and/or entrance fee exemption due to losses suffered in the Great East Japan Earthquake are advised to contact one of the Student Centers below. Please contact one of the centers even if you have missed the application deadline. Centers will also provide advice on student life including finding accommodations.

Other sources of financial assistance are:

  • Osaka University Foundation for the Future Scholarship -- Acceptance of applications has finished.

Osaka University supports students who suffered loss in the above-mentioned earthquake in order that economic reasons not interfere with their education opportunities.

Students who suffered loss in the above-mentioned earthquake may be eligible for full- or half-exemption from payment of the Osaka University entrance fee. In case of students who have already paid the entrance fee, this exemption would be in the form of a refund in full or half.

Students who are experiencing difficulty paying tuition fees may be exempted from half or full payment of tuition fees based on the degree of loss they have suffered.

JASSO may provide an emergency loan or grant following a recommendation from one's university.

Another option is financial aid from government and private organizations in which the university chooses and recommends candidates from previously registered applicants.

Contact one of the Student Centers if you have questions or seek additional information.

  • Toyonaka Student Center, 2nd floor, Student Union Building, Tel : 06-6879-7 089
  • Suita Student Center, 1st floor, IC Hall, Tel : 06-6850-5037
  • Minoh Student Center, 1st floor, Research and Lecture Building A, Tel : 072-730-5083
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