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A message for all those affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake


Help Japan rise again... 

the Kansai and we can...

The Great East Japan Earthquake and the devastation it brought the Tohoku region has surpassed the destruction and horror that the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake brought us Kansai residents 16 years ago. As we view the images of the Great East Japan Earthquake, we remember the days when that terrible earthquake struck the Kansai. We do not see this latest disaster as a problem for someone else. No, just as we were greatly supported and encouraged by messages and relief efforts in our time of need, so now we are taking various measures, including physical and material support for relief and restoration.

Sixteen years ago your support and encouragement meant so much to us! We can do no less for you!

Presidents of national universities and presidents of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Kyoto, Kobe, and Osaka have gotten together and prepared a special message from persons involved in cultural, educational, and economic activities in the Kansai. Please take a few moments to read their message.

President, Osaka University

WASHIDA Kiyokazu

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