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Announcement for students concerning the Recruitment of Student Volunteers for assisting in the aftermath of the Tohoku Pacific Earthquake


Although we have posted announcements on these pages advising students interested in volunteering to refrain from going to any of the disaster-afflicted areas at this time, Osaka University seeks to obtain student volunteers for assisting with relief efforts taking place right here at the Osaka University campus itself.

Volunteers are needed for activities such as receiving and sorting relief supplies, the setting up of networks for distribution, etc.

Osaka University students who are interested in volunteering to assist with such activities are requested to register their information as outline below. Please note that specific details of exactly when and how volunteers may assist will be communicated by telephone to each student registering their information below as soon as such details can be finalized at this end.

How to register

Please send an email to this address <> (If you copy & paste the address, please note the @ mark is a graphic, not text.)

Subject of your email: 学内学生ボランティア登録 (Registration for on-campus student volunteer)

Please write the following information in your email: (1) Name, (2) "furigana" for your name, (3) Gender, (4) School name & school year, (5) Student number, (6) Telephone number, (7) Dates you can participate in volunteer activities.

Thank you very much!

Headquarters for Tohoku Pacific Earthquake Relief
Osaka University


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