2011.3.16 Wed
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Information regarding Financial Aid from the Japan Student Service Organization

Information about temporary or emergency financial assistance from the Japan Student Service Organization for students whose family suffered economic losses attributable to the Great Tohoku Pacific Earthquake and/or the Northern Nagano Earthquake is now available.

Students hoping for financial aid due to either of the above earthquakes are advised to peruse both of the downloads below and, if appropriate, contact one of the Student Centers below.

  • Toyonaka Student Center, 2nd floor, Student Union Building, Tel : 06-6850-5037 , 5038 , 5039
  • Suita Student Center, 1st floor, IC Hall, Tel : 06-6879-7088
  • Minoh Student Center, 1st floor, Research and Lecture Building A, Tel : 072-730-5083

These downloads are only available in Japanese.

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