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Report on Accounting Irregularities at the Graduate School of Medicine


Following the interim report on Friday, August 20, 2010, an Osaka University investigative committee looked into the unauthorized use of research funds at the Graduate School of Medicine. The investigation finished and held a press conference on this matter on Thursday, February 10, 2011.

We sincerely regret such accounting irregularities and apologize to the nation and related institutions. To view a summary of the investigation report [in Japanese], please click here.


Text of statement from Osaka University President, WASHIDA Kiyokazu

On August 20, 2010, the investigative committee conducted a report, in particular, about the unauthorized use of research funds at the Graduate School of Medicine for 2008 and afterward. Following that, Osaka University has zealously pursued the whole truth regarding this misuse of funds, extending the investigation into other fiscal years.

The whole truth regarding this fraud has recently been clarified, and, thus, the university has now made an official announcement regarding the results of the investigation into cases for 2004 and afterward that they were able to pursue.

The accounting irregularities uncovered in the unauthorized use of research funds were extremely serious. Osaka University deeply understands and regrets the impact of these irregularities on society.

Research at universities contributes to expanding academic fields and resolving various challenges facing humans; however, university missions cannot be accomplished without public's support and trust. Therefore, we deeply regret such irregularities and will punish those involved severely. At the same time, we understand and will urge all faculty and staff members to review their behavior in order to prevent recurrence of this or any similar incidents.

Once again, we offer our sincere apologies for such irregularities to the nation and related institutions.

In order to prevent any further unauthorized use of research funds, we have revised various measures such as management and audit systems, improved related systems, and formulated a stricter code of conduct. We acknowledge the fact that these inappropriate actions happened despite previous regulations and rules. With firm resolve not to permit similar offenses, we have devised measures for preventing a recurrence of irregularities and have already implemented many such measures.

These measures are based on the assumption that unauthorized use of research funds may and could happen again and, therefore, we aim to eliminate factors inducing unauthorized use and build an environment and system that deters such unauthorized use. The measures include changing the way faculty and staff members think, reviewing measures to prevent unauthorized use, strengthening systems to prevent similar misdeeds, and fortifying cooperation with vendors regarding preventive measures.

Osaka University will implement these preventive measures faithfully and work hard to eradicate all improper and illegal activity.

Osaka University President

WASHIDA Kiyokazu


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