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Professors Tadamitsu KISHIMOTO and Toshio HIRANO awarded 2011 Japan Prize


The Japan Prize Foundation announced on Tuesday, January 25 that former Osaka University President, Professor Emeritus KISHIMOTO Tadamitsu and Dean of Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine, Professor HIRANO Toshio have been awarded the 2011 Japan Prize

Dr. Kishimoto and Dr. Hirano were honored for their discovery of interleukin-6, a discovery with far-ranging impacts in medical care and treatments.

The awards ceremony is scheduled for Wednesday, April 20 in Tokyo. Laureates receive Japan Prize certificates of merit, prize medals, and a cash award.

We offer Dr. Kishimoto and Dr. Hirano our heartfelt congratulations on this great honor.

You can peruse additional news of this award by clicking following links. (Pages are only available in Japanese.)

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